I've been doing reporting since I signed up for the middle school paper almost 10 years ago. The Missouri School of Journalism has given me innumerate opportunities to put on my reporters cap for real, full blown media outlets including KOMU8, KBIA, Columbia Missourian, and Newsy.

Since graduating from college I've spent the majority of the past year reporting for the health desk and news desk at in New York City.




Kingdom projects

This was a story that I did with two other reporters as a class assignment that ended up running on the local NBC affiliate, KOMU8. Covering the topic of disabled unemployment was a challenge, but the key was interviewing a variety of sources, making several trips out to the warehouse we were showcasing, and most importantly, taking the time to form a relationship with the people we were covering. 

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Veteran's daughter

This story was by far the most emotional and most rewarding one I've done. After our initial week-long story fell through just 48 hours before deadline, me and two other reporters went out to find a quick Veterans Day piece. After standing in a military cemetery for nearly an hour without finding people to talk to us, we were about to give up. I spotted one final couple that we hadn't approached and figured "Why not try?" The last-ditch effort paid off, and we found a woman with an incredible story. We went with her to a community bench where she honors her father, a Vietnam vet, every year. It was so windy that I interviewed her in my car for over an hour. The real challenge came the next day when I sat in the lab working through each little piece and taking the time to tell her story the right way. 


New Vice Chancellor

This was a quick day-turn that I did for KBIA while MU was undergoing a lot of leadership changes. I spent the majority of my four-hour shift making calls to hunt down the right voices for the piece, following up in just 10-minute intervals in some cases. It took me a while but I eventually got ahold of the top people. 

Concerned Student 1950 Press Conference

Fall 2015 was an exciting time to be on the MU campus as the community dealt with race relations on campus and in campus leadership. The group at the center of it all, Concerned Student 1950, brought a list of demands to the school administration, one of those demands being that the UM System president step down. After he did, the group held a press conference on campus. As a young reporter I was eager to be part of the action, so I just walked into the newsroom of the Columbia Missourian, asked for a task, and within 20 minutes was Periscoping the conference right next to dozens of reporters from national networks. I admit that amidst the excitement it took me a few minutes to hit my stride as a videographer, but overall the experience was incredible.