MeGan on Social

I have pretty extensive experience running professional social media accounts for various organizations from companies to newsrooms, but I've always enjoyed running my personal accounts most. Each platform allows me to showcase a different dimension of my voice.



Twitter has been an interesting outlet for me because I've had to learn to avoid being too impulsive. It's so easy to type 140 characters that there's ample room to grow your personal brand, and ample room to get in trouble. As a whole, @Megan__Sheets is not perfect, and it's not always professional. It's just me.

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I remember when I first heard of Instagram back in 2010. I was sure at that time that it wouldn't take off because people would just stick with Facebook. Just a few weeks later, though, I hardly knew anyone who wasn't on Instagram. That was my first real lesson that social media will constantly be changing, and if I want to be on the forefront I can't be a stick in the mud. 



Facebook is fascinating to me because in the almost 10 years that I've been on it, I've seen it grow so much and become a power tool for so many different avenues. For the company accounts I've managed, it's a way to get content in front of users both organically and by putting in dollar amounts and easily tracking how far they go. For me personally, it's a way to keep track of people through my childhood moves, college experience, and travels. If you click on my Facebook link below, you're not going to find a whole lot because I'm continually tailoring my privacy settings.